Devils Run Car Show/RodRun registration and schedule

Bones BBQ

Jerome Lundeen, 
(701) 240-3966, 
1412 1st Ave SW, 
Minot ND 58701

Buffalo Wild Wings

3820 S Broadway, Minot ND 58701

Buffalo Wings & Rings

(701) 852-4297
910 24th Ave SW, Minot ND 58701

C&R Radiator

Brian Honcharenko (701) 223-0585
2112 E Sweet Ave, Bismarck ND 58504

Dakota Trackside

#17 10th Ave NE, Minot ND 58703

Emily's Upholstery

(701) 557-2551 
1237, 22nd St #4, Bismarck ND 58504

Farmers Union Insurance - Steve Heilman

(701) 818-8187
1716 Foothills Rd SW, Minot ND 58701

G3 Hydroseeding & Snow Removal

Shannon Osborn (701) 721-6758 
14 Oak Dr, Minot ND 58701


(701) 838-7099 
PO Box 279 
135 Colton Ave, Burlington ND 58722

Harry's Tire Service

Clint Burgardt 
701 838-1823, 
1604 20th Ave SE, Minot ND 58701

Jerry's Repair & Alignment LLC

Jerry & Alison Frye, (701) 852-0332 
1306 1st St SW, Minot, ND 58701

Magic City Auto & Truck Repair

Ken Frederick, 
(701) 852-2589 
fax (701) 852-2587, 1310 Valley St, 
Minot ND 58701

Masters Auctions, LLC

Randy Kilback 
(701) 227-0746, 
PO Box 564, 
Mandan ND 58554

Master Restorations

George Masters

Mi Mexico Mexican Restaurant

Ricardo Vazquez, (701) 858-0777, 
301 40th Ave SW Suite 101, 
Minot ND 58701

Minot Health Clinic

Trisha Fennern, 
(701) 837-1551, 
1418 S Broadway Suite B, 
Minot ND 58701

Minot Muffler

Gary Gullickson, (701) 337-6791, 
101 8th Ave, 
Max ND 58759

NW Tire

(701) 852-3308, 
1500 20th Ave SE, Minot ND 58701

Paradiso Mexican Restaurant

1445 S Broadway, Minot ND 58701

Paul Siebert Financial & Insurance Services, Inc

(701) 833-9086, 
1125 N Broadway, Minot ND 58703

Perfect Finish LLC

Zach Baker, 
(509) 979-2621, 
2520 20th Ave SE Unit D, Minot ND 58701

Premier Physical Therapy

(701) 837-8441, 
1715 S. Broadway, Minot ND 58701

Starving Rooster

(701) 838-3030, 
30 1st St NE, 
Minot ND 58703

The Muffler Shop

Joe Klein, 
(701) 852-7473, 
725 20th Ave SE, Minot ND 58701
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Devils Run registration and schedule
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Devils Run Auction
Masters Auctions, LLC
1994 Jaguar XJ6 4 door sedan, very good condition, loaded, $6500 OBO
1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer – very little to no rust, interior nice, runs and drives well, needs some body work $11,500.00 OBO
1995 and 2011 Tee shirts wanted for a Quilt I am making.
I will pay for them from who ever has one. Thanks!!!
Stay Safe!!!!
Mike Enslin
Call/Text me at 701-240-8325 or email :

Ignition parts, thermostats, filters, piston rings, bearings, thermostats, starter springs, brake parts, etc. for cars 1920 – 1990.
Dan Caswell, 701-721-3617 or see website
I dug this up on the internet and thought it might help someone who questions some of these items. 
FROM: Mecum InfoNet

You've rebuilt, nurtured and invested your heart and soul. This car is your pride and joy. Now it’s time to store your classic. Follow these tips to keep your hot rod, muscle or collector car running its best when the off-season ends:

Old gas breaks down over time and can lead to gummed-up or varnished fuel lines, carburetors and injectors. But simply draining fuel before storage is a bad idea, as it will expose bare metal in your car’s tank and fuel system to air and moisture. This is how rust, corrosion, dried gaskets and leaks begin. To avoid both situations, fill your fuel tank 95% full with FRESH fuel. Then add a quality fuel stabilizer to keep the gas fresh for as long as 12 months.

Over time, acids, dirt and water accumulate inside engine oil and transmission fluid. Because engine oil acts as a waste collector for elements that break down while you’re driving, unburned fuel, unspent exhaust gases and water vapor are trapped inside your engine. During months-long storage, some of these chemicals eventually break down the viscosity of old engine oil and transmission fluid, and can even begin to corrode metal surfaces.

Use a dry lubricant like a graphite-based cable lube or Dri-Slide.

When not being used on a regular basis, a battery will gradually lose its charge. Options for preventing this include:
Removing the battery
Disconnecting cables
Attaching a battery tender— a small "smart" charger that automatically turns on and off as needed to prevent overcharging

Rubber is sensitive to ultraviolet light, and prolonged exposure to UV light will cause tires to crack, split and fail prematurely.
In addition to avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, you can help prevent "dry rot" and flat spots by inflating tires to their proper level before storage.

Start when the engine is cool, and carefully remove all road grime, grease, tar, stains, and bugs from all painted surfaces, chromed parts, and wheels. Make sure you use high quality cleaners. Once your car is clean and dry, apply a polish to all painted and exposed metal surfaces to protect your finish from color fade caused by UV light.

Ideally, you should store your car in a garage or other enclosed area where it’s unlikely to get dented and will be protected from snow, ice, freezing rain and wild temperature variances. If indoor storage is not an option, be sure to get a form-fitting, breathable car cover. Your local auto parts or service store should be able to help find just the right fit and material for your beloved beauty.

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